Celebritity Gossips

Are You Ready to “Celebritize” Your Business?

Having a celebrity associated with your product or service is an essential tool in creating your strong position in the marketplace. Yet, celebrities are bombarded with gifts, packages and requests every week, so how do you stand out from the clutter?

There are a number of things you can do immediately to heighten your chances of getting noticed and establishing a celebrity clientele. Here are the first few steps you can take to “celebritize” your business:


Do Your Research:
What’s the number one thing you MUST do before sending something to a celebrity? You guessed it, your research. It is absolutely essential that you do your homework and make sure you select the people who are most likely to use, wear, eat or participate in the products or services that your business has to offer. Find out everything you can about the celebrities you think might be an excellent fit for what it is you sell. You probably wouldn’t be well received sending a box of Omaha Steaks to Carrie Underwood or Alicia Silverstone, as both stars are vegetarians. But if you did your homework, you would know that Jessica Simpson is a self-proclaimed red meat eater, who would probably most appreciate your steaks.

Produce Professional Marketing Materials:
You don’t necessarily have to go overboard on this, but you should have your basics covered, such as: professional letterhead and envelopes, mailing labels and possibly a full color look book or catalog of your product(s). At the very least, you will want to include a note from you and a fact sheet on your product or service on your letterhead and two of your business cards (one for the celebrity and the other for their representative who will most likely open the package first.) You’ll also want mailing labels with your company name and logo to place prominently on the outside of your package.

Perfect Your Package Presentation:
How are you going to send your product or a gift certificate for your service to a celebrity? How are you going to catch the celebrities’ (or their representatives’) eyes with it? Putting your package together is a great opportunity to be creative and showcase your brand’s signature look and feel. Take some time to look at how other brands are packaged – notice color, texture, paper, concept and overall design. How could you leverage one or more of these areas to really stand out? This is your chance to think out of the box and create something attention-worthy and spectacular.

You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to build a celebrity clientele that increases brand name recognition and attracts media attention. You do need to take the time to do your research and get a little creative with your presentation. Take these first few steps and you’ll be well on your way to “celebritizing” your business.


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