7 Best Beaches in Europe for Families

Whenever one thinks to find a place to relax, the place first lurks in mind is a beach. In Europe and UK, there are a number of beaches.Here is a list of the top choices:

Derrynane Beach

Amidst the most stunning beaches of Ireland, Derrynane can’t be overlooked. Rocky islets offshore, turquoise waters, amazing Irish weather, Ring of Kerry Mountains – each and every aspect of this beach fills the heart with joy and satisfaction.

UK Beaches

Sparkling green, blue waters, white sands, and adorable view are enough to pass the delightful time. Its bright and clean beaches and nearby picnic area has made it the best spot to visit.

Lansallos Beach

This Cornish Secret is all that you need to visit to get a break from hectic and tensed life. Soul-soothing view of the beach with waterfall, sheltered sand, a walk on the footpath following the stream and many more things are there to enjoy.

Spectacular Beaches on Herm Island

You can call it a slice of heaven. It’s an amazing place with powdery sand, turquoise waters and most importantly, relaxing environment. It is one of the best secrets of Europe and completely mesmerizing place.

Southerndown Beach

It has ample parking, RNLI lifeguards and plenty of space. One can enjoy the experience with low and high tides here. At low tides, flat rocks and a sandy-bottomed pool is the best for sunbathing and at high tides, the beach disappears. While you wait for a tide, you can enjoy hide & seek in the walled garden there.

Pipas beach

This sandy beach is people’s favorite spot to visit. For kids, there are rock formations and massive granite boulders where they can explore and climb easily. Basically, it is a family beach enriched with local seafood specialties, paellas, and barbecues.

Sperlonga Beach: Beach of Legends

Its beauty can’t be just overridden. You will inevitably want to camp here again and again. Warm and soft sand, calm sea in the morning that is challenging in the afternoon, pleasurable winds, sunlight view and everything over there is simply stunning.


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